Welcome to Mamoru, by Rosaleen Ryan.

 What once started as an innocent exploration into sculpture for a university degree in 2014 suddenly snowballed into a blossoming career once uni was over. Ever since finishing her bachelor Rosaleen has focused solely on the art of creating everlasting mementos of life, using the flora which so inspires life itself. Produced in limited Capsule collections which are often informed by a space or memory itself, Rosaleen hand makes every piece from start to finish by hand to create literally one-of-a-kind pieces for you to treasure. Inside each MAMORU jewel is a piece of history, embed forever and shared for all to use as their own keepsakes of time and memory. Choose a piece which speaks directly to you, which reminds you of a loved one, a moment you remember with a smile, a scent which brings goosebumps to your neck.


Since my initial launch I have been featured in British VOGUE, The Frankie Press "Meet the Makers" book, Frankie Magazine, Hessian Magazine, and various fashion shoots and runways for other designers. I have also hosted numerous workshops where I teach my craft and ethos, and share in a love of design and flora with others. I have also had a solo show at Small Space Jewellery in Fitzroy, had a pop up store with Caitlin She in Melbourne at Magic Johnston Studios, A pop up shop in Tokyo at Sugartown, and had many open studios and markets.

Among my collaborations I have worked with artists such as Ai Nishimoto, Caitlin She, Ashley Ronning, Sacreflux, Ciao Mariko, and also collaborated with retail stores such as Before March in Northcote, and RUBY in New Zealand. Most recently I did a capsule collection for the Pr-Raphealites exhibition at the NATIONAL GALLERY OF AUSTRALIA, and was stocked at WALL in Tokyo, Japan. 

You can follow me on instagram @mamoru_jewellery
or send me an email at mamoru.jewellery@gmail.com