Bridal Memento
Bridal Memento
Bridal Memento
Bridal Memento

Bridal Memento

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Flowers and love go hand in hand, the use of flowers as a gesture of love dates back centuries due to their hidden meaning and sensuality. Flowers are a way to keep the relationship alive and of course this brings more romance and happy memories into each other's lives. It can be hard to let go of these beautiful gestures and declarations of love once their petals wilt, however there are ways of preserving these keystones for memories to cherish and hold for years to come.

Consider creating a custom set of MAMORU jewels using your engagement flora, or wedding bouquet! A beautiful gift for your bride to be, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and as wedding favours. Great Valentines or anniversary gift too for the sentimental sweetheart.


 This listing contains images supplied by a bride who I was honoured to create crystal gem earrings for using her bridal bouquet which she had first dried herself and then sent to me. Photographs of the Queen of Stems flowers which were assembled by the bride herself are pictured in their fresh stage by Mavis Jean Photography. Also pictured are the earrings I was able to create, a selection of unique statement earrings which reflect the uniqueness of each of her bridesmaids, and the range of flora provided.


(Above photo credit by Mavis Jean Photography, provided by the bride)


Custom jewels in a range of shapes start at $90 plus post, but bulk discounts are available for four or more pairs purchased*. Custom shapes are possible but cover mould making costs and start at $250 plus post.

You will be required to completely dry your flora before sending to Rosaleen so as to avoid any risk or blame for MAMORU, and so you can visualise the palette we will be working with, so if you would like some tips on how to best dry your flora let us know!

Please be prepared for the entire process to take a couple of months from drying to executing your desired pour and then finishing the pieces off. A back and forth of emails can also be expected as we discuss exactly how to perfect your jewels.


(Above photo credit by Mavis Jean Photography, provided by the bride)


Using this this expression of interest form Rosaleen can begin to discuss and organise with you how to best prepare your flowers for drying, postage, and design. Please copy and past into the checkout comment box, or alternatively copy and fill out in an email to


NAME and partners name:


Expected wedding date or when YOU receive(d) your flowers:

Date you need pieces made/received by:

Are your flowers already dried yes/no:

Flora type and size:

Preferred MAMORU shape I.e necklace, crystal gem, custom shape:

Amount of pieces:

Do you need the remains of your bouquet sent back to you:

Anything else we should know about your lobes, flora, or limitations:



(Above image of the custom order packed and ready to be sent to the newlyweds)

Thank you kindly for considering us for the very special job of preserving your life milestones. Rosaleen is a complete romantic and creating memento mori using such significant flora is her greatest passion.





*bulk orders will only be possible if there is enough flora to not only create multiple pairs but also leave room for changes and any unexpected errors. To visualise how much flora is necessary, imagine you will need a handful of petal so per pair of earrings.