Love Spell #4

Love Spell #4

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***Can be made into clip on earrings, please leave a note at checkout!!***


The Resin Crystal Gem earrings have been carved by hand, made into a mould, and then cast in clear resin embedded with limes, hydrangea, fresh water pearl, pepperberries, pink flowering gum, silver foil and pink pigment. They measure approx 3.5cm wide at their widest point and length is approx 7.5cm. They have Surgical steel posts glued to the back, and Wide Brimmed backs for ample support on your lobe. Each earring weighs in at approx 10g.

Due to the handmade nature of the jewellery and accessories, unique imperfections and differences between pieces can occur in all designs. Flowers tend to float in the resin leaving amazing textures on the backs of the pieces, and dyes are mixed by hand so every single piece is completely unique and cannot be duplicated perfectly.


This particular capsule collection is a love spell; limes for zesty passion, pearls for elegance and grace, hydrangea for softness, flowering gum for a love that softly blooms, and silver to represent the moon, a light that shines even in darkness. May love find you wherever you wear these earrings. <3